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Episode 15 - Cool Air (2006)


Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. 

Is that clear? Good. Because we believe that here at The Cast of Cthulhu. But we also recognize that we have a podcast devoted to covering the cinematic adaptations of a man who was not only a virulent racist, but whose bigotry was an integral element of some of his work. Before discussing Albert Pyun's Cool Air (oof), we spend some time discussing how we attempt to reconcile our love for equity and social and racial justice with our love for the works of a racist.

Around 33 minutes we get to Cool Air, a dull, brainless, slightly offensive, low budget adaptation of Lovecraft's 9-page macabre story that raises many questions: Are some stories best served by staying within their chronological confines? Why does a film from a "pioneer" of the cyborg sub-genre seem so lifeless and uninspired? And what the fuck is up with the goats? 
(p.s. Apologies for the noise around 15 minutes. It's not interference, it is Jim's wife readying the shower)

Here are some resources and causes to join us in supporting racial justice and equity for black lives: for key information on who to write in your state to demand defunding the police
Full Frontal has facts about police spending and calls to action in many states
Support black owned businesses in Brooklyn
Donate to The Bail Project to help combat racial and economic disparities in the justice system
Peruse "Justice in June" to educate yourself on how to be a better ally 
Watch Do the Right Thing, Get Out, Candyman, Horror Noire, Birth of a Movement, 13thor If Beale Street Could Talk (as just some of the many wonderful and illuminating films about the black experience in America)

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