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Episode 34 - Annihilation (2018)


A fair bit of dillydallying on this episode before the discussion on Alex Garland's criminally underseen Annihilation including a (very) lengthy discussion on WandaVision and the Disney's grey morality as a content/art provider, a less lengthy discussion at 27:46 about why we'd rather fight with Cthulhu than Haku, and the least lengthy news at 34:32 that Spike Lee is producing a Cthulhu film for Netflix.

At 36:54 we get to the main event, a discussion on Annihilation, a sci-fi that was so brilliant in its existential musings that Paramount had no idea what to do with it, dumping it into a late February 2018 release with little fanfare. With gorgeous cinematography from Rob Hardy and marvelously understated writing and direction from Garland, Annihilation was one of the best films of 2018 and is arguably the best adaptation of "The Color Out of Space" you'll ever see - even though, ostensibly, it has nothing to do with the classic Lovecraft sci-fi/horror story.

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