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Episode 39 - Lord of Illusions (1995)


Sincerest apologies for both the episode delay (life stuff) and audio quality of Jim's vocal track (forgot mic due to life stuff), but if you're able to forgive us for those hiccups, we are excited to have Council of Zoom's Kieran Fisher join us to discuss Clive Barker's third and final directorial effort, Lord of Illusions!

The delayed release also means a delayed review of Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so skip ahead to 20:25 if you're so over all the wokeness in the MCU and just want to hear a review of a horror/noir/thriller featuring a young, attractive Famke Jansen and a young, arguably more attractive young Scott Bakula. Harry D'Amour may be the perfect Lovecraftian protagonist, but he's the lead in a film that doesn't give him a worthy antagonist and that also isn't nearly as illusioney as it thinks it is. The practical effects are pretty effective, but making us believe that a cult leader with 8 followers in the middle of the desert is capable of destroying the world is not.

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