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Episode 40 - The Empty Man (2020)


We went into The Empty Man expecting a subpar knockoff of the Slender Man story and were we delightfully surprised to see that it was anything but! Receiving a similar fate to another overlooked horror film that Disney unceremoniously dumped after acquiring Fox, this "rough edit" release - as writer/director David Prior considers it - foregoes jump scares and traditional horror tropes in order to craft a moody, dreadful story chock full of surreal and impressionistic imagery. 

No tangents, prefaces, or distractions in this episode - just an enthusiastic discussion of a criminally under-appreciated horror film that would make H.P. Lovecraft stand up and cheer (before quickly bowing down in exultation of The Empty Man). Thank God Prior didn't stay faithful to the source material, eh?

Here's where to read the article we quote from Film School Rejects, "How David Prior's 'The Empty Man' Survived the Perfect Hollywood Storm."

And here's where to read the full review of The Empty Man from

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