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Episode 41 - Lifeforce (1985)


We're covering a weird, ambitious movie, so it's only fitting that we've got a weird, ambitious episode. Jay Alary from Grumpire and Daily Grindhouse joins The Cast of Cthulhu to discuss Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce, the first of a 3-picture deal and a weird, ambitious failure of a sci-fi film that may have signaled the beginning of the end for Hooper's marketability and dependability as a director.

Of course, those 3 pictures were all made for the notorious(ly beloved) low-budget studio, The Cannon Group, so the review can't begin until James takes us down a meaty tour of Cannon's history and reputation from Cannes to Sunday afternoons on WPIX 11. 

If you're anything like Jim, then you see Lifeforce as a messy, exploitative genre film in which a beloved The X-Files character actor elicits unintentional laughs from portraying the sweatiest, most pathetically love sick astronaut in history. And if you're anything like Jay and James, then that's probably why you love itAnd if you're anything like The Space Vampires author Colin Wilson, well...why are you even listening to this?

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