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Episode 44 - The Unnameable (1988)


First and foremost, we have to pour one out for Lovecraft Country, which was officially canceled by HBO, robbing us of the vision Mischa Green would have unleashed untethered from the source material.

But if you're not the sentimental type, skip ahead to 11:32 to get to the discussion of The Unnameable, a bizarre, tonally mixed, low-budget adaptation that somehow expands on the short story without actually adding anything substantive. Perhaps it's because Howard is a milquetoast protagonist or because the film shoehorns in every awful 80's teen trope or because the titular Unnameable is utterly nameable and generic, but either way, the end result of Jean-Paul Ouellette's efforts are as slight as the source material. 

If you disagree with us, perhaps you'll find solidarity with Massimo Berruti.

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