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Episode 45 - The Resurrected (1991)


Okay, first off, we're sorry that there's been such a gap between episodes. Life happens.

Second off, we launched a Patreon! Our first exclusive episode for patrons is an interview with friend of the show, BJ Verot, as he talks about directing his feature film debut, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Best Feature winner, The Return.

After getting that big news out of the way, The Cast of Cthulhu rises again like so many essential salts to discuss the hard to find The Resurrected, a film that stars Chris Sarandon is dual roles as Charles Dexter Ward and his doppelgänger ancestor, Prince Humperduhh...sorry, Joseph Curwen. Arguably the most faithful adaptation of any Lovecraft text we've ever covered, it's also, by default, arguably the biggest argument against faithfully adapting Lovecraft. Also, could there be a connection between The Resurrected and The Princess Bride?*

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The Return is available to rent or purchase on both Amazon and iTunes.
And here's the real house that inspired Ward's fictional abode.

*No, there isn't

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