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Episode 57 - Castle Freak (2020)


There are some real life horrors manifesting in the world today - horrors that mean many women are not sleeping soundly at night out of fear for themselves and future generations. The Cast of Cthulhu finds the recent SCOUTS ruling on Roe v. Wade to be as terrifying as any eldritch creature that Lovecraft imagined and we dedicate the opening of the show to discussing both it and why we won't be bringing back the episode on Richard Stanley's The Color Out of Space anytime soon.

At 16:20 the discussion begins on 2020's Castle Freak, the film that dares to ask the question, "What if Stuart Gordon's Castle Freak was both hornier AND dumber?" Probing this topic is returning guest Stephen Foxworthy of Disenfranchised Pod, who suffered the cyclopean task of sitting through an adaptation that was intended to launch a new Lovecraft cinematic universe despite being too unfaithful for established fans and too brainless for new ones. 

Listen to Disenfranchised anywhere podcasts are available and follow Stephen on Twitter @ChewyWalrus and @DisenfranchPod


If the recent SCOTUS ruling on Roe v. Wade has enraged you as well, you can support the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Center for Reproductive Rights. In addition, here are 10 regional abortion funds around the country that you can support with donations.

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