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Episode 21 - Dreams In the Witch-House (2005)


David Bax, the other half of the Battleship Potemkin podcast, joins us just days after having read his first H.P. Lovecraft short story to discuss Stuart Gordon's adaptation of it, "Dreams in the Witch-House"! You'll have to wade through roughly 19 minutes of nostalgia for Showtime's short-lived Masters of Horrorbut after that, there's plenty of discussion of the 3 biggest things wrong with Gordon's last foray into Lovecraft adaptations:
1. Ezra Godden
2. Stripping the source text of its most menacing and interesting elements to fit an hour-long runtime
3. Ezra Godden

Listen to and read David at Battleship Pretension
Follow him on Twitter @daveypretension

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