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Episode 35 - WandaVision (2021)


Before you ask or complain, no - WandaVision has absolutely nothing to do with H.P. Lovecraft and we don't even make an attempt to connect the two. Instead, this is just an episode to dive into our thoughts on the recently wrapped WandaVision with a very special guest, Jim's lovely wife, Emma Aarnes!

From our shattered expectations to our satisfaction with the ending, there's a lot of ground to cover and a lot of tangents to get lost in, including how Donald Sutherland still weirdly brags that he had actual sex with Julie Christie while filming Don't Look Now and frequently objectifying Chris Evans' ass. WandaVision was a show that led to a great deal of speculation on where it was going - most of it gloriously incorrect - and the reactions to its conclusion were divisive, but we salute Jac Shaeffer and Matt Shakman, the risks they took, the story they told, and the fun they brought back to weekly TV viewing.

Also, here's Anthony Mackie quoting Shakespeare while eating hot wings.

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