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Episode 22 - Lurking Fear (1994)


Did you hear Jay Baruchel made a horror film? If you're anything like Jim, then you only found out about Random Acts of Violence from Horror Twitter's outrage over his comments about the horror community that reeked of both moral superiority and hypocrisy. The boys spend some time discussing.

Not interested in news related to the writer/director of Goon: Last of the Enforcers? Skip ahead about 30 minutes to get into the review of Lurking Fear, the directorial debut of C. Courtney Joyner produced by cut rate, shitty Roger Corman imitator, Charles Band. Delivering everything you'd expect from the producer behind the entire Evil Bong franchise, Lurking Fear is so badly made that it includes at least 3 entirely useless characters and so low budget that they apparently couldn't afford to properly choreograph a fight or ADR their main characters. We may be dealing with a film worse than Albert Pyun's Cool Air.

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