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Episode 32 - Cold Skin (2017)


Before we get into reviewing the not quite Lovecraftian Cold Skin, we've got some real eldritch horrors to discuss. Cut rate Corman clone Charles Band - yeah, him - is producing a sequel to From Beyond called Miskatonic U: The Resonator and there are behind the scenes photos to feast your eyes upon if you're into that type of thing. We're not really, which is probably why we ultimately diverge into a conversation on which Fantastic Four film is the worst and how Kang the Conquerer fits into the MCU.

Skip ahead to about 28:45 if you'd rather not hear about the latest venture from the producer of Corona Zombies and would rather hear about this rather tepid adaptation from New French Extremity director Xavier Gens. Including aquatic creatures that mate with humans does not make the film Lovecraftian, nor does an opening Nietzsche quote make it meditative, but even if Cold Skin is ultimately forgettable, the viewing experience was certainly not regrettable. 

Visit IndieWire to read Dave Ehrlich's review in full.

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